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Silk and Steel

Martin developed their “silk and steel” strings with a layer of nylon between the tin plated steel core and the silver plated copper, compound winding. This unique combination gives these strings a flexibility and subtle responsiveness not found in any other strings. Players find they have a softer feel, making them easier to play, while still having a beautiful, mellow sound that falls between the warmth of the classical strings and the brightness of bronze strings. You will also find they have less slide noise while playing.

While both sets have silvered plated steel, plain strings and silk and steel wound strings, the M-1400 set are Martin’s special, Marquis strings which have a “silk” wrapping over the ball ends. This added protection safeguards the bridge of your guitar while in use and the surface of your instrument while changing strings. “Absolutely beautiful” sound and “very comfortable to play” are how our customers describe these exceptional strings.

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