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C.F. Martin Acoustic Guitar Strings

“The best” and “They sing!” are reviews from pleased customers about CF Martin acoustic strings. Their strings are specifically designed to give you excellent tone, clarity, and response. Nine different series of sets are available.

The 80/20 bronze acoustic series is comprise of 80/20 bronze wound and silvered, lock twist plain strings in gauges from extra light to medium, including a custom bluegrass set. Three popular sets are also available in three set packs. A happy customer reports that the M-145 set is “…great for finger picking and has a robust "chunk" sound for flatpicking.”

The Clapton’s Choice series consists of two sets - both phosphor bronze wound and lock twist, silvered plain strings in light or medium gauge. Eric Clapton states, “"When I play acoustic guitar, whether in a studio or on stage, these Martin Strings are my choice. They deliver the sound that I demand."

The tens sets that make up the Flexible Core series all have an exclusively developed, advanced thin wire core which increases flexibility and improves sustain without losing any tone quality, lifetime or ease in playing. The series includes four sets of 80/20 bronze, five of phosphor bronze, and one of silk/phosphor bronze for the wound strings. A M-130 set player says, “I love them for their ease and playability.”

A popular new series by Martin includes the treated Lifespan strings. All six strings are coated with Cleartone’s proprietary technology to give the longest lifespan possible without losing any tone quality or usual string experience. Eight sets are available in this series – four are 80/20 bronze with gauges from extra light to medium and four are phosphor bronze with the same gauge ranges. “What a difference these strings have made on my guitars … it gives them a beautiful tone. Nice mellow sound.”

The Marquis sets have silk wrapped, ball ends to help lessen the wear on the bridge and bridge plate. The extra cushion is especially valuable for vintage and delicate instruments. Eight different sets are offered – three 80/20 bronze and four phosphor bronze (both in gauges from extra light to medium) and a silk and steel compound wound set. A M-1000 set player reports, “…They move the top well, sound fantastic and the silk winding is easy on the bridge. You can spend more for strings, but you won't get better then these.”

Five Phosphor Bronze sets form another series with gauges from extra light to medium. The plain strings are silvered. “The best strings I've ever used. You can put them on in the afternoon and play a gig that evening. They mellow after a few days then retain that sound for a long time,” says a M-540 set guitarist. Another says, “…They are about as good as it gets.”

Martin offers three “Silk and Steel” sets, two for 6-string and one 12-string set - all .0115 – .047 gauge. These strings have a tin-plated steel core wire wrapped with silk filaments then wound with silver plated copper wrap wire. These compound strings have greater flexibility and work best at a lower tension making them suitable for light fretting action and delicate instruments. One set, M-1400 Marquis, also has Martin’s Marquis silk wrapped ball ends to reduce wear on the guitar’s bridge and bridge plate. A player of this set states, “Excellent feel and sound. Very comfortable to play, and very flexible. Great for sore fingers or for players that want a smooth feeling string that is also responsive to the touch. Very good for beginners or experienced players alike.” Another player says, “These strings are absolutely beautiful. They are great for any type of acoustic playing you can think of from traditional style flat picking to whatever you would call what Tommy Emmanuel does. They have a great sound that doesn't alter over time.” Among CF Martin’s most popular strings is their Studio/Performance series in phosphor bronze or 80/20 bronze. These high performance strings are produced with new, advanced technology enabling an especially high quality steel core. This thin, but premium core resists breakage better than most strings. Both the core wires and the plain steel strings are coated with a smooth, acoustic golden bronze finish which prolongs the brightness, longevity and tone, and enhances the look of your guitar. Even the most demanding musician will find these strings work well for them.

The SP phosphor bronze strings are offered in eight sets from extra light to medium gauge, plus a bluegrass medium set and a Nashville high tuning set. Acoustic guitar players like the intermediate gauge sets which offer them a combination of ease in playing with a full sound. A player says, “The Custom Lights give you a fantastic balance of sound quality and ease on the fingers and the guitar. That little extra above the .10 makes all the difference.” Customers also report the same qualities of the medium/light set.

SP sound quality is described as “Crisp and clear...almost gives me the 12 string chime but with greater depth and clarity... simply sublime,” and “They look fantastic and last easily twice as long as most any other string on the market…”

SP 80/20 bronze sets are available in eight sets from extra light to medium including sets in marquis (silk wrapped, ball ends ) medium and bluegrass medium. A pleased customer says, “Bright, punchy, long sustain, with really wonderful overtones permeating the resonance. It is the benchmark I measure other brands against, and most others sound muted and ‘soft’ next to these. They have a decent life span too.” Another says, “Elastic and tough, you can really dig in, never found a string like them. Played them for years, hope they never change them!”
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