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Bass Guitar Strings

There are important specifications to know when shopping for bass guitar strings. You must know if your bass is the standard long scale (as most are), extra-long, medium or short. This indicates the string's length from the bridge to the nut at the top of your fingerboard. Choose the set that's the closest. We offer a wide selection of strings for acoustic bass, electric bass, flat-wound bass, electric acoustic bass and Steinberger instruments. You'll find the most respected brands with a dazzling variety of materials and manufacturing techniques to suit your individual taste and playing style. D'Addario's acoustic bass phosphor bronze and EXP coated strings provide extra-long playing life, and Ernie Ball's legendary Slinky strings are highly-regarded by musicians around the world. We have flat-wound bass strings for sale, and specially designed double-ball bass guitar strings for Steinberger instruments. Our electric acoustic bass strings from Adamas, GHS and La Bella, as with all our strings, are made to bring out the best tonal quality of your instrument. For a powerful bright electric bass tone, consider stainless steel round wound. For something warmer, try round-wound nickel-plated strings, which will also cause less wear on your frets and fingers. Pure nickel round-wound strings will give you an even warmer tone. Use flat-wound bass strings for a deeper R&B or jazz sound. These strings can also be more comfortable to play, and less wearing on the fingerboard. When you buy bass strings from JustStrings.com, a world of choices is at your fingertips.
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