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Autoharp Single Strings

A Model are Eyelet End
B Model are Ball End
Oscar Schmidt Autoharp A Model 15th String D#, SSA15D#
Price: $3.75
Oscar Schmidt Autoharp A Model 18th String F#, SSA18F#
Price: $3.75
Oscar Schmidt Autoharp A Model 20th String G#, SSA20G#
Price: $3.75
Oscar Schmidt Autoharp A Model 24th String C, SSA24C
Price: $3.75
The Oscar Schmidt Company has been a leading manufacturer of autoharps and other stringed instruments since 1871. Their strings are widely used by professional players and casual enthusiasts. We offer their full line of single autoharp strings for your convenience. Their model A strings are for autoharps built before 1967. The looped ends are made to fit over pins (stringposts) at the bottom of the instrument, which are hidden under a removable plastic cover. Their model B autoharp strings are primarily for instruments built after 1967. The ends of these "B" strings anchor underneath an aluminum bar, or into a fine tuner at the bottom. We carry all 36 strings in both A and B styles. For frequent players, it is recommended that you change wound strings every two years, and the complete set every four years. This may vary with excessive use, oil from your fingers and dirt that accumulates on the strings. Our autoharp single strings make it easy and affordable to regularly change the strings and keep your instrument in the best possible playing condition.
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