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Aquila Classical Guitar Strings

“These are by far the best classical guitar strings I have ever found,” states an enthusiastic Alabastro classical guitar strings player. Aquila offers three series of classical guitar strings, Alabastro, Alchemia and Perla. All three series are available in medium or heavy sets and treble or bass packs are also offered in the same tensions. Trebles come in either Bionylon or Nylgut, and basses are sterling silver or silver plated copper wound on a Nylgut, multifilament core.

Nylgut is Aquila’s answer to the difficulties gut strings have with availability, cost, and intonation instability caused by hydro-absorption. This new patented, synthetic material has the same specific gravity and acoustic qualities of natural gut, but with greatly increased wear resistance and tuning stability. It is available in the Alabastro and Alchemia sets.

Bionylon is another Aquila only development – making nylon strings in an eco-friendly manner. This new material has acoustic and mechanical properties superior to traditional nylon and is 100% plant derived. This allows a reduction of more than 50% in carbon dioxide emissions during their production over that of other synthetic strings.

The Alabastro series includes two full sets of medium and heavy gauges, and two each of trebles or basses in medium or heavy gauges. The trebles are polished Nylgut, and the basses are silver plated copper wound on a Nylgut, multifilament core. These strings are known for their quick response, projection, superb tone and tuning stability. Their durability and high resistance to tensile stress are assured by the Nylgut multifilament core on the basses. A happy player of the medium gauge sets reports, “Wonderful tone and stability that endures heavy use show after show.” Another player says, “Amazing. Really a pleasure to play, you can dig into them like no others.” The trebles are reported by customers to have a “better feel with a more crisp and precise treble sound, yet with musicality” than other synthetic strings.

The Alchemia series also includes two full sets of medium or heavy tension, and treble and bass packs of the same tensions. The trebles are Nylgut, the same as the Alabastro trebles, but the basses, unlike the Alabastro basses, are wound with sterling silver over the same Nylgut, multifilament core. These strings have all the same, excellent qualities as the Alabastro strings of quick response, projection, superb tone and tuning stability, but with the added advantage of superb timbre and volume. Many customers prefer the Nylgut trebles because they provide an almost gut string fullness of sound and sensitivity of response that they find missing in regular nylon or carbon trebles. The pure silver windings on the bass strings have lower finger noise and extremely high durability. The Alchemia bass strings were conceived with the knowledge that the human ear hears the bass registers less well. Therefore the bass strings were designed with an increased dynamic presentation. A customer reports, “The basses are warm and the tone matches that of the trebles perfectly … and retain the gorgeous gut string sound ...these strings are perfect for the romantic sound needed to play my music.”

The Perla series includes two full sets of medium and heavy tensions, and two each of treble and bass packs also in medium and heavy tensions. Unlike the Alabastro and Alchemia series, the Perla sets have Bionylon trebles instead of Nylgut. The Bionylon trebles are precisely rounded and smoothed monofilaments made from plant derived materials whose more environmentally friendly production reduces the usual carbon dioxide emissions by 50% over the production of other nylon strings. Bionylon strings have superior acoustic and mechanical properties to regular nylon strings. The Perla basses are the same as the Alabastro basses – silver plated copper wound on Nylgut multifilament core. This string composition ensures excellent resistance to tensile stress and moisture absorption, both atmospheric and perspiration, making Aquila basses long lasting and tuning stable.

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