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Aquila Red Series Tenor Single Low G String (breakage is not covered under warranty), 72U

Aquila Red Series Tenor Single Low G String (breakage is not covered under warranty), 72U
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By Mike
Syracuse , NY
Installation Failed ! Every time!
July 2, 2020
Two strings , two tries each. I never made it to strum a signal low G note.
I was very slow, careful , smoothed the nut, tried string wax.
I think that this is bad batch of low G strings.
I was successfully installing a couple of Baritone reds on a another Uke.
By Mark
Low G Tenor spontaneously breaks
December 31, 2017
These strings sound and feel like the very best I've ever played. But without fail the low G string will spontaneously break within a week of being new. What a bummer.
By Todd
Aquila Red Series Tenor Low G
July 29, 2016
The red series strings have wonderful tone. Clear sound with low harmonic distortion. Super easy to tune by ear. Exquisite sound with a light touch and a pleasure to play.

BUT, on my tenor ukulele, the low G breaks within a few hours of playing. One string lasted overnight, but spontaneously broke while in the case. I've gone through 3 low G strings in two days. I'm done. The low G might be Ok on a concert, or on a tenor uke with a shorter stringing scale. If you have a relatively full-sized tenor, DO NOT buy the low G string.

The C, E, and A are fine.
By KBradford
Great String
September 23, 2013
I am new to the uke. Been playing guitar for about 35 years and wanted to try the ukulele. I started with a Tenor because it felt the best for me. I really like using a Low G though because it sounds more natural to me like a guitar. I have tried other strings for the low G but the Aquila Red feels and sounds more natural to me then others. I use a regular Aquila Nylgut set and substitute this for the G string. They sound beautiful together. Haven't had an issue with them breaking yet. So far very happy with these.
By Byron B.
Fantastic sound and feel!
December 11, 2012
I absolutely LOVE these strings. They take all the odd guitar-ish sound out of the uke (that metal wound low-G strings otherwise have) and balance it out.

They also last much longer then metal wound.

They do have a down side to be aware of however...they never stop stretching (until they one day break). Just know you'll always want to check the tuning when you pick it up each day, it'll be off. Also, watch the YouTube videos on how to install them...it's quite a bit different then a normal string.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: When purchasing Red Aquila singles, please be certain of the correct string for your instrument. If not correctly sized, the string is likely to break. Such breakage is not covered under warranty, so be careful!
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