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At JustStrings.com, we offer the world's largest selection of musical instrument strings. This includes acoustic and electric guitar strings, bass strings, banjo strings, cello strings, double bass strings, fiddle strings, mandolin strings, ukulele strings, viola strings as well as strings for a wide variety of folk instruments.

JustStrings.com strives to provide you with the widest and most comprehensive selection of music strings anywhere. At JustStrings.com our mission is to give you exceptional and personalized service at an outstanding value. You can hear what our customers have to say about our service in the Testimonials section.

Today, musicians have the opportunity to reap the benefits of many recent technical innovations in string making. String manufacturers have developed an amazing variety of technically advanced materials and string winding processes that provide new, unique musical characteristics and greatly enhanced string performance. We carry everything from traditionally made, hand-crafted strings to state of the art, computer-controlled, precision wound, high-tech strings. JustStrings.com has the musical instrument strings you need to get the most out of your instrument.

Manufacturers have developed a tremendous variety of new materials and construction techniques that offer unique character and enhance overall performance. The best way to find out for yourself which music strings are right for you is to try several different kinds and brands of strings for your instrument. This will allow you to hear the differences in tone for yourself, letting you make the most informed possible decision. Each instrument is different, it is nearly impossible to make two guitars, for example, sound exactly alike. Because of this, the strings that work for one player may not work for another, even though they play the same make and model instrument.
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