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Viola Brasileira Strings

D'Addario Viola Brasileira Strings
Viola brasiliera strings are available from D’Addario.

The viola brasiliera is a small, 10 string, five course folk guitar from Brazil. It is a development of the Portuguese viola caipira. There is no established standard tuning for viola brasiliera strings. The viola brasiliera is most commonly used to play Caipira music.

The viola brasiliera was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese when they were establishing colonies there. The viola brasiliera soon spread across Brazil, developing different variations and identities in various locations. It is an instrument with rich harmonic possibilities; the viola brasiliera is played in different ways in each of the different Brazilian regions. These styles owe much to the cultural characteristics of each place, making the viola brasiliera an instrument strongly identified with popular Brazilian traditions. Perhaps due to the size of the country, there are many different variations of the viola brasiliera for each region of Brazil in which it is played.

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