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Ukulele Strings

Check out our huge selection of Ukulele string sets by clicking on the links below. Individual ukulele strings can be found in the Single Strings section.
Aquila Ukulele Strings
Black Diamond Ukulele Strings
C.F. Martin Ukulele Strings
Curt Mangan Ukulele Strings
D'Addario Ukulele Strings
Dunlop Ukulele Strings
GHS Ukulele Strings
John Pearse®  Ukulele
La Bella Ukulele Strings
Pahoehoe Bass Ukulele Strings
RotoSound Ukulele Strings
Originally, ukulele strings were made of gut. Since then, the original gut type strings have been all but replaced by nylon strings. Nylon is superior to gut in many ways. For one, it is much more readily available than gut, which if it were easily available (which it is not) can be ten times the cost of nylon. Nylon ukulele strings also stay in tune far better than strings did in years past when gut was the only option for non-metal strings. Nylon is although much more resilient than gut, which is easy to break if the strings are not installed properly. All in all, nylon is a superior material, and most ukulele strings made today are made of nylon.

Some people prefer the sound of gut. Although ukulele strings made from gut are no longer available, an alternative has been created. The Aquila line of ukulele strings are made from a substance that Aquila calls Nylgut, which is neither nylon nor gut, but possesses the resiliency and tuning stability of nylon and the warmer tone of gut. So, if you have tried regular nylon strings and are looking for something different, Aquila Nylgut strings are available for you to try.

The ukulele is a little guitar shaped instrument with only four strings. It is related to the Portuguese machete de braca, which was brought to Hawaii in the 1800s by Portuguese immigrants. The ukulele has been popular in Hawaii since at least the 1890s.

Today Ukuleles are available in many sizes. One can find (in order from smallest to largest) soprano (the standard), concert, tenor, baritone and even bass ukuleles. We carry strings for all of these instruments. You can find them by browsing the links to the various manufacturers of ukulele strings above.

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