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Steinberger Double Ball Guitar Strings

Complete sets are listed in the sections below. Individual Steinberger double ball guitar strings can be found in the Single Strings section.

IMPORTANT: Unless otherwise indicated the sets listed in this section only fit original design Steinberger instruments and may not fit later designs.
D'Addario Steinberger Double Ball Guitar Strings
GHS Steinberger Double Ball Guitar Strings
La Bella Double Ball Guitar Strings
If you play a Steinberger bass, you'll need specially made strings with double ball ends. We have professional-quality, premium Steinberger bass strings crafted by D'Addario, GHS, La Bella, Ken Smith and RotoSound all leaders in the industry. Ken Smith is an elite bass manufacturer, and their strings have the same high-end quality as their instruments. We have their stainless steel round-wound Steinberger double ball bass strings in various gauges, and also as 5-string and 6-string sets. From D'Addario, string makers since the 1600s, we carry nickel-wound regular light and medium gauge Steinberger strings. La Bella, another family of string manufacturers from 17th century Italy, offers stainless steel double ball flat-wound bass strings in different gauge sets, and also black nylon tape-wound strings for Steinberger instruments. We also have 4-string and 5-string round-wound sets from RotoSound and stainless steel round-wound Steinberger strings from GHS. These are all complete sets. For Steinberger double ball bass guitar single strings, see our Single Strings section.

IMPORTANT: These string sets will fit original design Steinberger instruments, but might not fit later designs (unless otherwise indicated).
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