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D'Addario Spray Polish, PW-PL-03

D'Addario Spray Polish, PW-PL-03
Planet Waves
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Product Reviews for D'Addario Spray Polish, PW-PL-03

D'Addario Spray Polish, PW-PL-035JesseDecember 23, 2010I keep my guitars clean..["its a clean machine... bells... ... ____" then horn solo]. Anyway, I normally use lemon oil to handle the dried up sweat and then simply polish with this stuff to provide a protective surface. I'm a first time user for this product and I was pleasantly happy, so I'm passing on my joy.
Shine - Instant Spray Cleaner

Planet Waves' new SHINE spray cleaner and maintainer keeps your finish looking like new every day. SHINE erases dust, fingerprints, and minor imperfections, while color enhancers bring out your finish's beauty, leaving it with the ultimate wet look. Spray a small amount on a dry Planet Waves polishing cloth daily, or as needed, and buff thoroughly into surface with a circular motion.

PLEASE NOTE: This item can only be shipped UPS Ground and so cannot be shipped out of the continental US.
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