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JustStrings.com Nickel Plated Round Wound .120, 120NR-1

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Product Reviews for JustStrings.com Nickel Plated Round Wound .120, 120NR-1

JustStrings.com Nickel Plated Round Wound .120, 120NR-15LucasApril 5, 2010I am playing in a band that tunes to drop C. I have tried using a .130" string from a 5-string set and it felt okay, but I heard that the JustStrings.com sold sold a few gauges of their house brand in between a .110" (too floppy at this tuning) and a .130" (have to widen the nut slot a little bit) So I ordered a .115", .120", and .125", and I tried the .120" first, on a P bass. I have been playing it for a few weeks now, and I could not be happier with it. It seems to be just right for that tuning- I continue to use the higher three strings from a set of Power Slinkys with this .120" as a low string and the tension is just right! It feels as normal as a regular E string does. I had never used the JustStrings.com house brand before, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I ordered is just as good if not better than any other nickel wound I have ever played, and I have tried them all. I will certainly be buying these again, and I will try some other gauges from these folks as well, the ability to order super high quality strings in nearly any gauge is AWESOME, they shipped super fast, too. I have two more gauges to try and they may do what I want even better, but for now this .120" is perfect for this tuning!
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