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Ernie Ball Electric Guitar Strings

Single Ernie Ball electric guitar strings are available in our Ernie Ball Guitar Singles section.

(Ernie Ball Strings are only available for shipment to addresses in the United States, U.S. Territories & Possessions, and APO FPO destinations)

Ernie Ball electric guitar strings are available in several varieties including: Slinky Nickel Wound, Coated Slinky, Slinky Pure Nickel, Slinky Reinforced Plain Steel and Slinky Stainless Steel. Ernie Ball was among the first companies to make strings specifically for rock and roll: Slinkys. These set the standard for electric guitar strings and since then have been adopted by countless players including: Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Slash and Steve Vai.

Slinky Ernie Ball electric strings are their top selling string. Slinkys are the choice of many pro musicians around the world. They are carefully made to meet high standards and specifications in order to maintain consistent performance and string life. Slinkys are made with a nickel plated steel wrap wire wound on a hexagonal tinned steel core. Slinky plain strings are made from special tinned high carbon steel and produce a balanced tone on any guitar.

Coated Slinky Ernie Ball electric guitar strings utilize all of latest advances in string making technology. The wound strings are coated with an ultra thin layer of Ernie Ball’s special enamel which helps prevent corrosion. These Ernie Ball electric strings have the potential to last five times as long as regular strings.  Coated Slinky plain strings have their own special anti-rust plating and a patented winding of titanium wire at the ball end. The strength of titanium helps prevent broken strings as well as helping keep your strings in tune better than regular plain steels. Coated Slinky Ernie Ball guitar strings keep the tone and feel of regular guitar strings, with the additional provided by Ernie Ball’s special coating process.

Pure Nickel Slinky electric guitar strings are made with pure nickel wrap wire wound on a tinned hexagonal steel core. These Ernie Ball electric guitar strings have a beautifully rich, warm tone. Ernie Ball Reinforced Plain Steel Slinky electric guitar strings are designed for players who tend to break plain strings, while bending or using the tremolo. The wound strings are the same as standard Slinkys, but the plain steels feature a patented bronze wire wrap around the lock twist at the ball end. This helps prevent string breakage and slippage. They tend to stay in tune better than regular plain strings. Ernie Ball Stainless Steel Slinkys have a stainless steel wrap wire wound around a hexagonal steel core. These are the brightest Ernie Ball electric strings, suitable for players who need to brighten up a dark sounding guitar. They also last much longer than nickel strings.

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