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Electric Bass Guitar Strings

Complete sets of electric bass guitar strings are listed by clicking on the manufacturer's logo in the section below. Individual electric bass guitar strings can be found in the Bass Guitar Single Strings section.
At Just Strings, we have as many different brands and styles of electric bass guitar strings as there are types of instruments and individual playing styles. It all comes down to taste, and with our exceptional selection and great prices, you can experiment until you find the perfect set of strings for your sound. Choose from the leading manufacturers of electric bass strings such as Thomastik-Infeld, La Bella, John Pearse, D'Addario and Dean Markley. There are many different materials and construction techniques used for bass guitar strings, and each will produce a different sound and feel. Stainless steel round-wound are the most common, and will give you a powerful, bright tone. Pure nickel or nickel-plated bass guitar strings have a warmer sound than stainless steel, and will be less wearing on your fretboard and fingers. For comfortable playing and a deeper sound, flat-wound strings are recommended. Popular among jazz and R&B players, they will give you the sort of tone you've heard on classic Motown recordings. When trying to find the best electric bass strings for your instrument, make sure you know if your bass is short, medium, long or extra-long scale. This is the measurement of the string from the nut to the bridge. In our listings from these premium string makers, you'll also find 5-string and 6-string bass string sets. These are all complete sets. For individual electric bass guitar strings, see our Bass Guitar Single Strings.
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