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DR Strings Electric Guitar Strings

Just Strings carries a wide variety of DR electric guitar strings. DR electric strings are available in Alexi Laiho and Dimebag Darrell signature series, as well as DDT, Hi-Beam, Legend Flat Wound, Pure Blues, Tite-Fit and several different colors of EXTRA-Life color coated strings.

DR Tite-Fit are the main line of DR strings for electric guitar. Tite-Fit electric guitar strings use nickel plated steel wrap wire on a round core. This is a very old school method of construction that provides more flexibility and tone. They are suitable for blues, jazz, metal and rock.

DR Pure Blues electric guitar strings are made with pure nickel wrap wire on a round core. This is an expensive and slow method of making strings, but it produces a string with vintage tone, more sustain, and better low end response. Pure Blues DR electric guitar strings are excellent for both rhythm and lead. Pure Blues are DR’s best string if you are looking for vintage tones.

Hi-Beam DR electric strings are made with nickel plated steel wrap wire on hex cores. These DR strings are similar in feel to the Tite-Fit strings, but are much brighter. These are suitable for rock and heavy metal players who need a crisp, tight sounding string.

DR DDT (Drop Down Tuning) electric guitar strings are specially designed for drop tunings like drop D and drop C. These sets feature more than just heavy string gauges.  They are specially constructed to be more stable at altered tunings than standard strings. If you play in low tunings, DR DDT strings might be the DR electric strings for you.

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