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D'Addario Electric Bass Guitar Strings

“My basses come alive with these strings…,” exclaims a happy customer using a D’Addario ProSteel set. D’Addario has an extensive line of electric bass strings, including seven series of different materials, string construction and coating technology - EXL, Flatwounds and Chromes, Half Rounds, EXP coated, EXP Reds copper coated, and ProSteels.

Their most popular series, the EXL sets, have round wound strings of nickel plated steel. Musicians find these distinctively bright strings to be exceptionally adaptable to many styles of music. Customers call these strings punchy and “slappariffic” and “very lively cutting through the mix well, without sounding too bright or harsh.” A long time player says of the EXL160 set, “Been playing for 40+ years... every imaginable style... great tone, feel, always consistent…”

Flat wound strings are offered in two series – Chromes and Nylon Tapewounds. Chromes strings are flattened, stainless steel “ribbon” wire wound on multiple underwindings and core. Finish polishing gives them their special, extra smooth surface. Players find they work best for the mellow sound of jazz, blues and fusion. “Chromes give you the best of both worlds - flats plus clear tone. I have the ability to cut through with these strings and haven't found another flatwound to do this,” reports an ECB81 set player. Another says, “They have just the right amount of clarity, punch, and sustain. I am an upright player and these strings allow me to get an upright kind of tone on my bass guitar.”

The Nylon Tapewound bass strings have a flattened black nylon winding, polished to an ultra-smooth surface giving a low noise, comfortable touch and a mellow tone. They are precisely manufactured to give great tension, balance and long life. Their design works well on fretted and fretless basses, and with standard bass saddles and nuts. Their vintage sound ranges from the “thump” of an upright bass to the expected depth and mellowness of flatwound strings. D’Addario offers these strings in two 4-string sets in short and long scale and one 5-string set in long scale. A customer says, “I was looking for something with a nice full tone but with a little more brightness than traditional flatwounds for my fretless bass, and these definitely do that.” Another reports, “They are very warm sounding and have just the right feel - not too much tension - great for fingerstyle, and, of course, very fretboard friendly … Very expressive and well balanced. If you want to bring an acoustic sound to your fretless, this is a great choice.”

The EXP Coated strings have nickel round wound windings that are micro coated prior to winding. This gives them an uncoated feel and tone, and an extended playing time. “Feel very much like regular strings but last a lot longer. Don't fall apart like other coated strings and sound like D'Addario's!”

EXP Reds strings are copper plated, nickel round wound strings that are micro coated for long life. This combination of materials produces highly magnetic, electric toned strings with a mellow, acoustic sound from the copper plating. All EXP Red sets are long scale and are available in three gauges - regular light, medium and light top, medium bottom.

D’Addario Half Rounds sets are comprised of pure nickel wound strings in ten sets - super soft to heavy gauge, long, medium or short scale, and in four, five or six string sets. Pure nickel, round wound strings are carefully ground to leave the surface of the winding semi-flat. These strings have the smoother feel and less noise of flat wounds, but with the flexibility and tension of a round wound string. D’Addario then uses a heat treating process that makes sure that these strings retain the brilliance and sustain of round wound strings. An ENR70 customer reports, “Half-round have brightness very close to round wound strings and without the fret wear...” Another says of the ENR72 set, “These are great strings to use if you need to cover a lot of different styles on one bass. They are basically flats that you can play rock with. You can go from warm, vintage or jazz-style tones to brighter rock styles just with your tone control. And if have multiple pickups, that just means even more tonal control and fine tuning.”

Nineteen ProSteel sets are offered by D’Addario. A special ProSteel alloy makes these strings D’Addario’s brightest and most corrosion resistant. An EPS165 set player says, “These strings last longer (and stay brighter) than any other string I've used or tried--and I've used many, many different strings over the years. They have a great "growl" and slightly "scooped" sound to them. They are bright, but not overly harsh. Great all around string.” Another states, “Love these strings. They are balanced and have a nice growl to them. They have very detailed highs, punchy mids and deep lows.”

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