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D'Addario NS Electric Traditional Bass Set

D'Addario NS Electric Traditional Bass Set
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Product Reviews for D'Addario NS Electric Traditional Bass Set

D'Addario NS Electric Traditional Bass Set5RobertJune 4, 2011I rate these strings as excellent for the NXT 4. I ordered the medium tension, and like both the nuance and resonance of this set. With a good cabinet, I can get warmth and/or punch, depending on my technique. I play to get a rich acoustic analog, and also play with envelope harmonics in an electric trio. Even the trumpeter commented on the difference, as my original set was a year old.
The NS Electric line has been conceived jointly by Ned Steinberger and D’Addario. Because volume is unlimited for electric instruments, NS Electric line focuses on tone and expressive nuance rather than acoustic power. It brings out the richest tone from any electric instrument, and work well for acoustic instruments when subtlety of expression is paramount.

NS Strings are mostly made with stranded steel cores wrapped with aluminum, brass, tungsten, nickel, and stainless steel. The line is aimed for

• standard electric bowed instruments (violin, viola, and cello)

• electric upright basses using NS Standard Double Bass string length

• any standard Bass Guitar and NS Omni Bass, to provide an upright bass sound (warmer)

The Traditional Double Bass set is constructed and tensioned similarly to acoustic bass strings, for a warm tone, feel, and great bowed response. The Contemporary Double Bass set produces a brighter sound, and is lower tension. All NS Double Bass strings are designed to fit NS Double Basses and NSDB-Standard instruments : 46.5” wound length, 54” overall string length.

The Bass Guitar/Bass cello (Omni Bass) strings are made to fit all standard 34–35 inch scale bass guitars. These expressive strings are polished smooth for an intimate feel, with rich bass tone and a clear, singing upper register.
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