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Discover the crystal clear tone of Corelli Crystal viola strings. The're made from specially-treated nylon for a warm, rich tone and added durability.
At Just Strings, we have premium Corelli Crystal viola strings manufactured by Savarez, an industry leader in strings for classical instruments. The Corelli Crystal strings are made from high-quality, specially-treated wound nylon for a classic sound but without the harshness of standard nylon. They're wound on a unique synthetic core material called Stabilon. These strings have a warm, rich tone which put them a cut above traditional nylon strings. The company's dedication to research and development has produced a string with better sound, added durability and a longer life. The medium gauge is the most widely used. They're available as a complete set, or you can purchase individual strings as replacements as needed. Corelli Crystal strings can be mixed with gut strings, steel strings and also the Alliance strings to achieve the desired feel and sound.
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