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Extra Life Color Coated

If you're a bass player who is looking for a bright sound, great feel and long-lasting string, we have the answer for you. Our DR colored bass strings with special coating provides the best of both worlds. These high-performance strings have the sound of stainless steel strings, but are coated to protect them against corrosion from finger oils and sweat. However, unlike other coated strings, they have the feel of uncoated strings. If you don't believe us, read all the gushing praise from our happy customers. The DR Strings Black Beauties are for electric bass guitars, and they're available in different gauge sets to give you just the sound you're looking for. They're also available in 5-string and 6-string sets. We also have DR's Red Devils colored bass guitar strings. In addition to looking great, these strings will take whatever you throw at them and will last you a long time while maintaining an excellent tone. The silver-colored guitar strings from DR (known as Silver Stars) have the same high-quality qualities as their black and red counterparts, and receive the same high praise from our customers. The coating, in addition to protecting the strings, also reduces the usual string noise. If you don't like to change strings too often, try out DR's color bass strings. They're far more than just cool-looking strings.
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