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Bouzouki Strings

Curt Mangan Bouzouki  Strings
D'Addario Bouzouki Strings
GHS Bouzouki Strings
John Pearse® Bouzouki
La Bella Bouzouki Strings
RotoSound Bouzouki Strings
S I T Strings Bouzouki Strings
Greek long-necked lute. The 19th century bouzouki was indistinguishable from the Turkish Bozuk with its carved wood or carvel-built bowl resonator, movable gut frets and wooden tuning-pegs. It is now exclusively carvel-built and has fixed metal frets and metal machine tuning-heads. The instrument has three or four double courses of metal strings tuned e-b'-e' and d-g-b'-e' respectively and is played with a plectrum. The version with four courses of strings has developed since World War II. Courtesy of New Grove DMI 1995.

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