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Bajo Quinto/Bajo Sexto Strings

D'Addario            Bajo Sexto Strings
Dean Markley Bajo Sexto
GHS Bajo Sexto Strings
La Bella Bajo Sexto Strings
S I T Strings Bajo Sexto Strings
Curt Mangan Bajo Sexto Strings
The Bajo Sexto is a 12-string Mexican bass guitar, traditionally used in the music of Northern Mexico and for the south Texas style of Tejano of Tex-Mex music. It's tuned an octave lower than the 12-string guitar. The Bajo Quinto has 10 strings. Just Strings is your trusted source for difficult-to-find strings for your less common stringed instruments. We regularly stock bajo quinto and bajo sexto strings from top-name manufacturers -- Dean Markely, D'Addario, GHS, La Bella and SIT Strings. D'Addario's round-wound phosphor bronze strings for bajo sexto and bajo quinto are 92 percent copper and 8 percent zinc, which provides a bright, warm tone with the zinc giving the strings anti-corrosion protection. Dean Markley's bajo sexto strings get rave reviews from our customers. Their proprietary design uses Swedish steel mandolin wire specially wound with an outer wrapping of 80/20 "true brass" (80 percent copper and 20 percent zinc). This gives an added punch for when you want a sound that's extra bright. S.I.T. Strings offers phosphor bronze or nickel for the 10-string or 12-string instruments, while the GHS and La Bella bajo quinto and bajo sexto strings are stainless steel round wound. Why settle for "good" bajo sexto strings when you can have great ones?
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