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D'Addario Zyex Medium Viola Strings

Constructed with a new generation of synthetic material, D’Addario’s Zyex viola strings provide players an extremely warm and rich tone. The synthetic core produces a warm sound comparable to gut core strings, but Zyex strings do not have the problems associated with gut strings. Zyex strings are stable in changing climates, and the strings settle in within a matter of hours. Along with its synthetic composite core, the A and D strings are wound in aluminum, the G string is wrapped in silver, and the C string is wrapped with tungsten and silver. The windings help balance out the very warm tone of the synthetic composite core. Because of the deeply warm tone, Zyex strings are commonly used on brighter instruments. Designed and manufactured in the United States, Zyex strings are held to D’Addario’s high quality standards, and the tonal quality and durability are reflective of these standards.
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