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D'Addario Zyex Light Viola Strings

D’Addario’s Zyex Light Tension viola strings are an excellent choice to balance brighter instruments and for violist that prefer an extremely warm, rich tone. Zyex viola strings are a new generation of synthetic composite core strings and one of the first strings to use a composite material rather than nylon or perlon. Not only does the synthetic composite produce a warmer tone than nylon, the composite core is more stable under extreme climate conditions, ensuring a consistent tone. The composite core also provides a wide tonal palette. Although Zyex viola strings’ composite core provides an easy bowing response, the light tension strings allow for an even easier response and are popular with light-handed players. Considered budget-friendly viola strings, Zyex strings are designed and manufactured to D’Addario’s high quality standards. Considering the durability, tonal quality and playability, these viola strings may be a value, but a quality one.
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