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Zyex Viola


Zyex is a new generation of synthetic material, tremendous for professional players. It was created to be stable for drastic climatic conditions and settles in very fast, within a matter of hours. Zyex has a warmer sound than other synthetic strings.
D’Addario Zyex viola strings were the one of the first strings to use a synthetic composite core rather than a simple nylon or perlon core. This synthetic composite core produces an extremely warm, rich sound while offering incredible stability under drastic climate conditions. Not only are Zyex viola strings warmer than comparable synthetic strings, the strings also settle into an instrument within hours of tuning. In addition, the synthetic composite core produces a broad tonal range and provides easy bow response. D’Addario Zyex is the perfect string for someone looking for a warmer sound, either for personal preference or to balance out a bright sounding instrument. The strings are available in a light, medium and heavy gauge to accommodate all players’ preference and needs. Although budget-friendly, D’Addario Zyex strings are manufactured and design in the United States and are held to D’Addario’s stringent quality standards.
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