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V-Picks Freakishly Large Rounded 2.75mm (one pick), FLRGMP

V-Picks Freakishly Large Rounded 2.75mm (one pick), FLRGMP
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By Spencer G.
this flrgmp v pick
January 13, 2011
The best guitar pick ever.It took a while to get use to it but its got a sound like no other pick. I'm a session/touring guitarist and I'm always looking for something to improve my tone in a big way.This is the only pick I will use live and in the studio!
By Texas_Kev
Great . . . for most things
September 26, 2010
Admittedly, I haven't played with this thing much. I gave it a 5-star rating because it is very apparently a quality pick - and it does some things no other pick has done for me.

I like to finger pick and have working on using a pick held between thumb and index finger while finger picking with the middle and ring finger. This pick brings great balance to the sound using this technique. Whereas a thinner pick gives a crisper, brighter attack to the bass strings that overwhelms the finger-picked higher strings, this pick mellows the bass strings to blend in very well.

The shortfall is in strumming and acoustic fast. There is not enough give in the pick to keep it from causing a lot of rattle in the plain steel strings. I've been working on smoothing that out a bit, but it's like learning to strum again.

BTW, the ultra thin V-Pick solves the strumming problem, but doesn't mellow the bass strings, either.

Something about the material of these picks just sticks to your fingers - better than anything I've tried, including cork grips, sand sharks, molded nylon, and a lot of different over-sized picks.

As others mentioned, it's great on bass guitar and for playing electric, too. Nice, rich sound + easy to hang onto.
By R B.
V-Picks Freakishly Large Rounded
May 22, 2010
The stiffness and rounded edges seem to bring out the fundamental tone of each note. In comparison, other picks produce a thinner, weaker sound. But as the edge heats up, the pick seems to stick to the strings, which produces more attack than I'd like. But still, I appreciate the fuller deeper tone. I use them on electric, acoustic, 12-string, and sometimes classical guitars. This one is a little big for my fingers; I prefer the Large size.
By pryjazz
V-Pick Freakishly large - round
February 23, 2010
This is a fun pick. It is great for electric bass and for rhythm guitar. Now, I am still working on using it for picking guitar. What I hear is a little bit softer attack on guitar than a pointy pick, and surprisingly precise for such a fat pick. But for bass, it's great.
Carlos Santana plays this guitar pick live and in the studio. I designed it for him specifically, years ago. Gigantic tone. Great for playing up high. Creates a singing, voice-like effect. Huge, firm sounding bottom. Bass players and mandolin players love this plectrum also. Very precise and accurate. Just throw your head back and play with this pick wonder! 3.0mm thick.
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