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Viola Braguesa Strings

La Bella Viola Braguesa Strings
Named after the Braga region of Portugal, the viola braguesa is a guitar-like instrument of the lute family. The viola braguesa features 10 strings that are paired in five double courses. Unlike similar instruments, the courses of the viola braguesa are not completely tuned in unison or completely tuned in octaves. The viola braguesa‘s top two treble courses are tuned in unison, and the bottom three bass courses are tuned in octaves. The treble courses feature plain steel strings, and the lower three courses feature plain steel and silver-plated wound strings. These unique combinations provide the brilliance and balance associated with a viola braguesa giving it its signature sound.

As a trusted retailer of hard-to-find strings, we carry only brand name, high-quality strings. The viola braguesa strings by La Bella are custom made to complement the instrument’s distinctive sound.
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