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Vihuela Strings

GHS Vihuela Strings
La Bella Vihuela Strings
As a trusted source for hard-to-find instrument strings, we carry both Renaissance and Mexican vihuela strings. Barring the name and the guitar-like shape, the two instruments have little in common. The Renaissance vihuela is a plucked lute that was popular in the 15th and 16th century in Spain, Portugal and Italy, and the Mexican vihuela has its origins in 19th century Mexico. The vihuela, or Renaissance vihuela, typically features six double courses tuned in unison or in octaves, while the Mexican vihuela has five single strings. Popular in mariachi bands, the Mexican vihuela typically features nylon strings that provide the tonal balance and warmth needed for accompaniment strumming. We carry Mexican vihuela strings by GHS and La Bella. La Bella also manufactures Renaissance vihuela string sets specifically designed for either unison tuning or octave tuning. Featuring nylon treble strings and silver wound bass strings, these string sets offer players the traditional sound of the Renaissance vihuela.
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