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Ukulele Single Strings

JustStrings.com offers its customers the value and convenience of single ukulele strings. Leading string manufacturers, such as GHS, offer single ukulele strings to ensure the quality of the instrument’s unique sound. Although regarded as a simpler instrument, the sound of a ukulele can be dramatically changed by a single string. Ukuleles are modified in tone, feel, projection and sustain by their strings. With the dulling of a single string, ukulele songs can lose the quality of their sound. Clear nylon is a traditional ukulele string and offers a balance of warmth and brightness with a distinctively projected sound. However, traditional Hawaiian ukuleles are often strung with black nylon strings. A single black nylon string offers a warmer, mellower sound than a clear nylon single string. Songs for ukulele most likely will not sound cohesive using these different types of nylons in one set. Ensure your ukulele strings always offer a consistent, quality tone by using your preferred brand of ukulele single strings.
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