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Tuners can detect a musical note’s pitch from an instrument in three ways – with an audio microphone, with a direct input cable from the instrument to the tuner or with a vibration sensor that has direct contact with the instrument. Clip-on tuners are generally vibration based. Vibration based tuners are usually more effective in noisy environments.

Tuners also vary greatly in the amount of information they can give you. Some guitar and bass tuners can only recognize an E and/or A pitch, while other can detect the six notes of a standard guitar tuning. Chromatic tuners can tune to all twelve pitches on the chromatic scale giving you wider and more specific options in tuning your instrument. Some of our tuners also have metronomes included in their features.

Display options also differ in tuners. Most of the tuners in our catalog have an LED or LCD display showing the note with sharp or flat variations from that note.

A piezo tuner clip attaches to a vibrating part of an instrument, such as the bridge or headstock, and inputs vibration information to a tuner electronically. By transferring your instrument’s vibrations directly into your tuner, accuracy especially in a noisy environment is possible.
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