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Tres Strings

La Bella Tres Strings
Popular in Cuba and Puerto Rico, the tres guitar is named for their signature three courses. In Cuba, the tres guitar strings are in double courses for a total of six strings, while the Puerto Rican tres features nine strings in triple courses. Played primarily by strumming to provide rhythm accompaniment, the modern Puerto Rican tres strings’ tuning is typically G-C-A. The first and third courses are tuned in octaves, and the middle course is tuned in unison. As a trusted retailer of hard-to-find and regional instrument strings, we carry quality Puerto Rican tres strings by La Bella. Featuring nine strings in three triple courses, the tres guitar strings provide the brilliance and tonal balance required to produce the instrument’s distinctively bright sound. The first and third courses feature two plain steel strings and one silver-plated wound string to provide depth to the octave tuning.
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