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Thomastik-Infeld Electric Bass Nickel Flat Wound Roundcore 4 String 36" Scale, .044 - .096, JF364

Thomastik-Infeld Electric Bass Nickel Flat Wound Roundcore 4 String 36" Scale, .044 - .096, JF364
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9 Reviews
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By McGregor M.
Young again!
March 27, 2022
These Austrian bass strings are quite the best flatwounds I'm aware of. Typical excellent speedy service from JUSTSTRINGS gets 'em here right away. They do lose a bit of resonance after 12 years or so on the bass. Keep 'em in stock, please!
Fast service. Magnificent strings. Discount price. Will they survive WWIII?
By Lisa
Lewisville, Texas
Love these strings!
February 4, 2022
My Warwick loves these...so do I! My first set of these lasted many years. Sadly, my bass went in the case for almost a decade due to unforseen circumstances. Itching to play again, I bought a more affordable set to replace my almost 20 yr old strings. Not only was I not happy with them, they didn't hold tune. Thought I had neck issues. I ordered my new set from you which arrived within a week. My Warwick, and my fingers are so happy! No adjustments needed as I'm back in perfect tune. The quality of these strings are superb. Thank you Just Strings for the accompanying perks and outstanding service! Will be ordering for my 12 string, as well as my grandaughter's acoustic, in the near future.
These flatwounds compliment the tone on my bass. These strings sure feel awesome to my fingers that have not played in too many years. Knowing from past experience, their quality, they may very well outlast this old gal! None
By Thierry
Perfect fit and smooth sound !
September 27, 2019
These have a particular gauge, so they might feel weird on some basses. But on my frettless acoustic bass, they're so perfect ! Right feel, right tension and awesome sound !
By Lindberg
Thomastik-Infield Flat Wounds
March 28, 2012
I've tried just about every brand of flat wound string available and these strings are by far the best I've ever played. All things being equal I have a set of these on two identical basses and both sound wonderful. These strings are on two of my fretless basses and there is no hint of wear from these strings. I've read that others complain about string tension and brightness of sound, and I agree that the these aren't going to give you that muddy tone many players are after. There are other strings sets that will aid that kind of tone. These strings have an almost lyrical, singing tone that even after they've been used for a while will mellow out. I'm very pleased with them so much so that I've replaced all my strings on guitar and bass with their flat wounds.
By Thierry
Acoustic bass
April 21, 2011
Well, they sound and feel great. But on my acoustic fretless bass, I need tension so the sound and full tone goes out. I wish Infield did a normal or heavy gauge of these strings. So I believe they're good if you like very low tension on electric basses, and of course, they could be a bit cheaper.
By Irene F.
September 27, 2010

I'm a long time user of both DR, and Thomastik strings. Thomastik JF-flats are the only flatwounds I use. They are simply the best strings I've ever played.
I would rate all these products five-stars.
By Pete B.
T-I Flat Wound Bass Strings
December 26, 2009
Whether used on fretted or fretless bass, they sound and feel great. Plenty of bang for the buck.
By Jess S.
Thomastik-Infeld Electric Bass Flat 36"
November 24, 2009
Since I play fretless bass only, my review is limited to that instrument. These strings have the sound I want from a bass. I maintain that the role of the bass is to provide drive and enhancement and these strings do just that. They are not for everyone, but they are for me; therefore I can have a unique style with this product.
By randalczaplewski
bass strings
November 10, 2009
These strings were too long for my Gibson Thunderbird, they were also too light. A bit pricey as well!






1st G

Nickel Flat Wound Roundcore



2nd D

Nickel Flat Wound Roundcore



3rd A

Nickel Flat Wound Roundcore



4th E

Nickel Flat Wound Roundcore




Jazz Electric Bass

characteristics: smooth, warm balanced

"E-Bass Jazz Series are strings with extended durability and high output. A highly flexible steel core gives the string a balanced feeling and a special character. The overall sound characteristics can be described as very close to the double bass.



Founded in 1919, one of the world's largest manufacturers of strings for musical instruments has applied 76 years of experience to develop a new generation of strings.


Vienna, music capital of the world


Our strings are handmade by highly qualified specialists. With our extensive quality control via computer and signal processing equipment, we have successfully combined Old World craftsmanship with state of the art technology.


The results of our research and our scientific approach to string manufacturing -- based on cooperation with musicians and scientists -- have led to the creation of a new line of guitar strings that is exactly what professionals are calling for.


Guitar strings for creative musicians.

THOMASTIC-INFELD is the best kept secret in the music industry. Did you know that for decades most of the great jazz and classical guitar players have chosen THOMASTIK-INFELD strings? Old World quality and experience, combined with the most advanced modern technology available, give you creative tools to meet the highest standards of performance. Perhaps the time has come for you to discover what a chosen few have know for years? THOMASTIK-INFELD cares about the needs of professionals and amateurs. Worldwide."


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