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Thomastik-Infeld Electric Guitar Infeld Superalloy Round Wound, .010 - .046, IN110

Thomastik-Infeld Electric Guitar Infeld Superalloy Round Wound, .010 - .046, IN110
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By Ksguitarpicker
Too bright for me!
August 28, 2011
I really liked the feel of these strings, the tune up and hold pitch very well. For me however they were way to bright on my Telecaster, which I have loaded with Joe Barden pick ups. They were so extremely bright that I couldn't or didn't get the warmth and grit that I like for country and blues. no matter what adjustments I made. Great string I suspect however for Jazz. I gave them a four star only because they are just not the best in every category to me.
By George T.
Infeld Electric Superalloy Round Wound IN110
June 28, 2011
I decided to try a set of these a while back as a slightly lighter alternative to the set I normally gig with (Thomastik-Infeld Power Bright Steel/Magnacore 10-50). I recently got an older guitar (mid 80s Firebird from Dweezil Z no less!) that had lighter strings than what I normally use. This guitar played so well with the lighter strings it came with I wanted to maintain the same vibe. Well I was not disappointed at all. The guitar plays just as well, and these (like the other Infeld strings I'm used to) last longer than any other brand I've tried, and I've tried many. I am in a place after 35 years playing for fun where I am gigging more than ever. These are without reservation "go to" strings. Highly recomended.
By Rick
Great Intonation
March 4, 2011
You get what you pay extra for. If your guitar doesn't sound just right, you might try a set of these, before you change out your bridge.
By Chris D.
Thomastik -Infeld Electric Guitar Stroings
August 3, 2010
My good friend Guitarist Extraordinaire Carl Verheyen turned me on to the Power Brights and Infeld. I use Infeld 10-46 and PB 10-45. These strings record excellent and last 2x as long as another strings. I'm a pro session/Live guitarist for 20 yrs.

Highly recommend these string and Just Strings always has them in stock with very good prices!
By Imer
Plain old Great Strings
March 18, 2010
Thomastik can arguably be the best strings in the world. Great finger articulation and plenty of dynamic overtones while having the strongest output (excepted for their power brights of course).

Compared to others I've tried, brighter than GHS, more dynamic than Cleartones, and easier on the bends without going pure nickle.
By Chris W.
Infeld Superalloy .010
February 7, 2010
Excellent strings for an advanced player for anything from jazz to rock, Latin, West African etc. Allow huge range of tone shaping, vibrato, bending, whatever one wants to do. Stay perfectly in tune, fantastically responsive over the entire fretboard. Looked for strings like that for a long time.
Tested with Parker Mojo Fly Single Cut and Henriksen JazzAmp 110ER.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Plain Steel



4th D

Superalloy Round Wound



5th A

Superalloy Round Wound



6th E

Superalloy Round Wound




Infeld Superalloy Electric Guitar Strings

"For decades, Thomastik-Infeld has been the leader in orchestral string technology. This same desire to lead has been applied to design of conventional guitar and bass strings. The new Infeld Superalloy Strings have proven benefits in areas that really matter to players! What is the difference? They excite the senses!

"Frequency Clarity: Most strings tend to have stronger performance characteristics for a few frequencies and tend to mute others. The highly magnetic nature of the Infeld Superalloy Strings, make the most of the high quality pickups on the market today. With Infeld Superalloy strings, the frequency ranges are balanced with clarity for all (even when using a wide range of effects processors). The benefits can be heard!

"Smoother: The Infeld Superalloy Strings are undoubtedly the smoothest round wound string on the market today. As all players know, smoother strings equate to easier playing characteristics. This allows the novice player to become a better player faster and the accomplished player to accomplish even more. Lower coefficient of friction = Smoother, faster, more comfortable strings. The benefits can be felt!

"Longer Lasting: Because of its unique alloy blend the Infeld Superalloy Strings' winding process is less destructive and the materials keep more of their original form. This equals a better lasting string. Because of the smoother surface of the string and less friction on your fingers causes less debris to be desposited in the wraps. These strings are beautiful and stay beautiful. Cleaner Strings = Longer Life. The benefits can be seen.

"Summary: Infeld Superalloy Strings make the most out of all the components that a player uses. No matter the style. No matter the genre. Every player has an additional sense that is rarely excited. The new Infeld Superalloy Strings excite the "sixth sense" that every dedicated player has."



Founded in 1919, one of the world's largest manufacturers of strings for musical instruments has applied 76 years of experience to develop a new generation of strings.


Vienna, music capital of the world


Our strings are handmade by highly qualified specialists. With our extensive quality control via computer and signal processing equipment, we have successfully combined Old World craftsmanship with state of the art technology.


The results of our research and our scientific approach to string manufacturing -- based on cooperation with musicians and scientists -- have led to the creation of a new line of guitar strings that is exactly what professionals are calling for.


Guitar strings for creative musicians.

THOMASTIC-INFELD is the best kept secret in the music industry. Did you know that for decades most of the great jazz and classical guitar players have chosen THOMASTIK-INFELD strings? Old World quality and experience, combined with the most advanced modern technology available, give you creative tools to meet the highest standards of performance. Perhaps the time has come for you to discover what a chosen few have know for years? THOMASTIK-INFELD cares about the needs of professionals and amateurs. Worldwide."


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