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Thomastik-Infeld Octave Mandolin (EUROPEAN Mandola) Flat Wound 45 cm Mittel, .015 - .049, 174M

Thomastik-Infeld Octave Mandolin (EUROPEAN Mandola) Flat Wound 45 cm Mittel, .015 - .049, 174M
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By Ed
The Villages, Florida
Caution! May be too short!
April 8, 2021
I’ve used and loved TI flatwound on my mandolin for years. I recently bought a set of TI Octave Mandolin (European Mandola) strings for my new Northfield Octave Mandolin, which like a tenor banjo has a 23” scale. But the package says 45 cm. Turns out that’s just under 18”. These might work with a 19” scale, but after that they are only a core wrapped with red thread. So I have a great octave mandolin, but these won’t work on it. And I’m out $80 with shipping and tax and have a set of strings I can’t use. Instead, to get the right gauges, I bought D’Addario Chrome flatwound electric guitar single strings, wound, in .020, .026, and .040, along with an unwound .011. That’s what Northfield recommends for size, and even though they are for electric guitars, they are wonderful to play and sound better to me than the brightness of brass.
By Christopher S.
Thomastik Mittel
June 29, 2015
I use these strings on a 20.5 inch scale length octave mandolin, so, a bit longer than what they are intended for. However, they work splendidly. They wouldn't be long enough for a much longer octave mandolin or bouzouki, but they fit my instrument fine.

These strings give a wonderful dark woody tone on my octave mando. I was also surprised that they gave a decently strong sound, as I found the Thomastik medium strings for regular mandolin to be a bit weak sounding on my Gibson A2. Not true for the OM strings, though!

The wound E string rings ever so slightly less with the Thomastiks than it did when I was using D'addario OM strings, but the overall sound is well worth it. I don't like having an overly metallic sound on the open bass strings, and the thomastiks don't give that at all. I think the tone of these strings is very compatible with Swedish music, but the sound would be compatible with any style of music. These sound significantly different than most other strings, but I am spoiled now and probably will stick with these as my main choice from now on, though I'd like to try the light and heavy ones, as well.

Also, I put them on weeks ago, and they still sound new. The smooth texture is very comfortable on the fingers, as well, and you don't get any squeaky sound when moving your fingers down the strings.

One thing worthy of note is that the G strings on this are pretty thick strings. They fit into the bridge and nut slots on my OM pretty well, but I am not sure if it might give other people issues and might require a bit of a widening of the slots.
By Luke
Cordes mandola
November 6, 2014
By Yuri H.
Thomastik Mandola review
April 16, 2010
Brilliant strings and brilliant service in regard to ordering and delivery.
Much appreciated,






1st E

Chrome Steel Flat Wound



2nd A

Chrome Steel Flat Wound



3rd D

Chrome Steel Flat Wound



4th G

Chrome Steel Flat Wound





"These strings for both plucked instruments are flat wound on chrome steel and finely polished, except the plain E-string of the Mandolin which is made of tinned silver steel. They have a steel core made of special alloy with high elasticity and durability. The sound of the Mandolin is clear, brilliant, not metallic and the construction helps in excellent form the Tremolo play by less resonance of the strings, which is well-defined for this instrument. The strings for the Mandola are tuned stronger and are particularly smooth and this construction provides for less internal movement. Therefore the sound is round, living, voluminous, not metallic. The strings for both instruments are easy in handling, have a long duration of life and [are] in perfect fifths. "

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