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GHS Tiple Strings
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Popular in Spain and many Latin American countries, the tiple guitar is smaller than a standard guitar and typically features 10 or 12 strings in four courses. There are various types of tiple, but the American, the Colombian and the requinto tiple are the most popular. The American tiple features 10 strings instead of 12, and the requinto tiple is a smaller version of the Colombian. The tiple guitar is primarily used for chordal accompaniment and is known for its distinctly bright sound. Tiple actually means treble in Spanish, and many modern players tune the instrument to the same pitch of a standard guitar’s top four strings. To provide its signature brightness and a long sustain, tiple strings typically feature a steel core with various metal winding. At JustStrings.com, we carry strings for tiple by La Bella and GHS. Both companies provide 10-string sets for the American tiple, and La Bella also manufactures 12-string sets for the Colombian and requinto tiple.
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