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Thomastik-Infeld Viola Strings

Since 1919, Thomastik-Infeld has been an innovative leader in handmade, bowed instrument strings. Their viola strings are celebrated and played in classrooms and chamber halls across the world. In addition to their amazing quality of workmanship and materials, Thomastik-Infeld offers enough different options in viola strings to fit the playing needs of most violists. At JustStrings.com you can choose from five different series – Dominant, Superflexible, Spirocore, Prazision or Vision. Each has its own individual construction and material characterisitics. When you consider which Thomastik viola set is more appropriate, you must consider the sound of your instrument and your particular playing style. The most popular series of Thomastik-Infeld viola strings is their Dominant strings, which set the standard by which most other viola strings are compared. They feature a multi-stranded synthetic core and provide tonal warmth, flexibility and the most homogeneous sound, much like gut strings. Regardless of the Thomastik-Infeld strings you may prefer—synthetic, solid steel, multi-stranded steel (rope or spiral) or gut core—you are assured the strings are handmade to the highest quality standards.
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