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Thomastik-Infeld Electric Guitar Strings

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“These strings are the most responsive, dynamic, beautiful sounding strings I've ever played,” declares one of many happy Thomastik-Infeld electric guitar strings players. Their “last forever” quality is also often praised. Six series of electric guitar strings are available from Thomastik-Infeld – their most popular Jazz Swing Flatwound series, plus Blue Sliders, George Benson, Infeld, Jazz Bebop and Power Brights.

The Jazz Swing Flat Wound series includes four sets of nickel, flat wound strings, all with a wound third string. Known for their rich, but powerful tone, their gauges run from extra light to medium. Many customers say that the JS110 set especially is a “universal” set that will make just about any guitar sound great. Because they are nickel flat wound strings, these strings also are said to have a “friendlier” feel for both the player and the guitar causing less string noise and less fret wear. A JS111 set player says, “Hands down, the best jazz strings I've ever played. Tone, feel, it's all there,” and “very musical and expressive strings with a surprisingly large breadth of tone - these work especially well for finger style or thumb-picking.” Also, “…it nails the vintage tone….” A JS113 player reports, “The additional cost is easily justified by their longevity alone, but the tone and feel are the qualities that knock it out of the park.”

The Blue Slider series of sets have round wound strings with a silk inlay. Designed for the blues, they have a full, smooth sound. The silk inlay balances the high frequency output producing a “gentle, low-down sound”. They are available in light and medium light gauges. A customer says of the SL109 set, “Great for slide guitar. The glass just sings with these. Best sounding new electric guitar strings I have tried in 42 years of playing guitar.” Of the SL110 set, players state, “These are like a visit to the tech and a new pair of pick-ups. All of a sudden I had a real mid-range, better balance and greater tonal range and lots of color, easy to play. These are a real joy,” and, “these strings are worth the price because they last longer without the coating… and feel great on your fingers.”

Thomatik-Infeld created three sets especially for George Benson, the legendary jazz guitarist. Two nickel flat wound sets are available in medium light and heavy, and one nickel round wound set is available in medium light gauge. A GB114 set player states, “These strings are fantastic. They are satiny to the touch, substantial, and have a full, warm and balanced tone … they give me a warm, punchy jazz tone and the ability to play a full and credible bass line. I'm hooked!” Another says, “They sound sweet, have excellent sustain, stand up to a pick, and last forever without losing tone!”

The Infeld series of three sets are “superalloy” round wound on steel core strings and are offered in light to medium gauges. Developed exclusively by Thomastik-Infeld, their special composition delivers a more powerful, brighter sound than most other strings. They work well with heavy effects and for long signal paths when drop off might occur. Only the IN111 set has a wound third. Customers report that the Infeld “superalloy” strings in the IN111 set come close to giving them the round wound sound with a flat wound feel. Others say of the IN110 set, “These strings record excellently and last 2x as long as another strings…,” and they “allow a huge range of tone shaping, vibrato, bending, whatever one wants to do. Stay perfectly in tune, fantastically responsive over the entire fretboard. Looked for strings like that for a long time.”

Four sets from extra light to medium are included in the Jazz-Bebop series. They contain nickel round wound strings. The BB113 and 114 have a wound third string. This set is designed to be especially effective for jazz guitars with extra large resonators. Customers say that these sets virtually eliminate the harsh sounding, break in period usually found with round wound strings. They also report a lower, but even across all strings tension. Speaking of the BB113 set’s tone, a player says, “They have a warm rich sound across all six strings. The strings also have a bell like clarity without being harsh.” A customer who plays the BB112 set says, “Not only are these strings the best for tone quality, but they just feel great! … there is a relaxed feel to them which allows your fingers more expression,” and he also admires “their lasting quality,” Another customer says, “They really bring out the acoustic qualities of good archtops and are a joy to play!”

The Power Bright series of seven sets have magnecore round wound strings which have a hexagonal core and brass coated plain strings making them both especially flexible and the plain steel strings corrosion resistant. They are designed for a high output level and work well for rock guitars. Power Brights are available in two types – regular bottom and light top/heavy bottom. A customer reports that a light top/heavy bottom set (RP111) enables “the guitar to sustain forever and sounds very good on the bottom with the heavier bass strings.” Another says of this set, “Tone, Sustain, Feel and bend ability and longevity are unequaled. I have come to find them indispensable.” A regular bottom set, PB110, is praised by a customer, “These strings are bright, have depth as well. You can really dig into them and sound good, not klanky.”

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