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Thomastik-Infeld Acoustic Guitar Strings

Click here for a table of Thomastik-Infeld Bass Guitar String Lengths.

Click here for a table of Thomastik-Infeld Bass Guitar String Lengths.

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“They are like gold jewels…” reports a pleased player of the AC110 set. Acoustic guitar strings are available from Thomastik-Infeld in two series – Plectrum Bronze and Spectrum Bronze.

The Plectrum sets have a unique combination of flat and round wound bass strings that are crafted of high quality materials producing an exceptionally warm and long lasting tone. The sets’ lower tension also can add life to older, more delicate instruments.

The Plectrum bronze wound strings have a silk inlay which is wound on a very flexible core and are low tension. Each of these sets has a different combination of polished, flat and round wound bass strings. The light and extra light tension sets have three flat wound strings and one round wound. The medium light set has one flat wound and three round wound. The wound strings on the medium set are all round wound. The plain strings on all the sets are brass coated steel. An AC110 set player states, “…these strings are the smoothest and crispest, best sounding strings you can buy and I have tried many, many brands.” Another says of the AC111 set, “Tone is gorgeous, bending is easy, and they last longer than any other 'non-coated' strings. Amplified or not, the sound is great with clarity, extended highs and solid bass.”

The Spectrum series also has four sets, gauged from extra light to medium. Thomastik-Infeld states these acoustic strings are designed for recording and performance. The wound strings have an exclusive, bronze formula including silk inlays and high polishing that result in a warm, clear sound that can cut through a crowded sound mix. The plain strings are brass coated steel. The tone is balanced, and the strings long lasting. A SB111 set player reports, “The intonation of these strings is the best I have ever measured. They vibrate at almost no fluctuation on the tuning gauge! When finger-picking, each note is musical and pure.” Another states, “…simply gorgeous tone, harmonics and clarity.”

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