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Thomastik-Infeld Guitar Single Strings

Since 1919, Austria-based Thomastik-Infeld has engineered and produced precision strings that are used all over the world by discriminating musicians. At JustStrings.com, we offer a wide variety of Thomastik-Infeld guitar strings for acoustic, electric and classical instruments. We sell them as single strings for maximum convenience. Create your own custom set based on your specific needs and playing style. Their classical guitar strings are available in silver-plated copper round wound and chrome steel flat wound. We also have single strings in plain nylon. Other varieties include steel flat wound on steel core and nylon tape wound on rope core. The rope core gives the strings an extra-long sustain. Our Thomastik-Infeld acoustic guitar strings are available as bronze flat wound or round wound. Round wound strings have a brighter tonal quality, but will squeak when shifting position and are more prone to wear on the frets and fretboard. Flat wound strings may be longer-lasting and more comfortable to play, and they give a richer bottom end, making them popular among bass players. However, they also tend to have less brightness. Their electric guitar strings are also available as round wound or flat wound, and the round wound variety comes in nickel or magnecore. For those looking for a basic string, we also have plain steel strings.
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