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Theorbo Strings

La Bella Theorbo Strings
A unique instrument of the Baroque period in Europe, the theorbo is essentially a large lute with two necks, one above the other. The first neck is shorter and typically features seven courses, double or single stringed, which are strummed or plucked. The second neck is longer, does not have a fingerboard and is strung with nylon bass strings. The bass strings are played open or used sympathetically to complement the playing on the first neck. As a trusted source of unique and hard-to-find instrument strings, JustStrings.com carries theorbo strings by La Bella. A leader in traditional, regional and exotic instrument strings, La Bella enjoys a reputation of manufacturing strings to capture each instrument’s unique sound. The company’s strings for theorbo feature seven courses to fit the first neck of the instrument. The first four courses are rectified nylon, and the last three courses are silver wound. The combination provides a tonal blend of warmth and brightness that captures the theorbo’s unique sound.
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