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Tenor Guitar Strings

Complete sets are listed in the sections below. Individual tenor guitar strings can be found in the Single Strings section.
For tenor guitar players who might have difficulty at times finding just the right strings for their special instruments, we have you covered. Our strings for tenor guitar come from D'Addario, John Pearse, GHS Strings and La Bella – the best in the business. D'Addario's 80/20 Bronze is made from 80 percent copper and 20 percent zinc. The copper provides a bright tone, while the zinc content makes the strings stronger and more long-lasting. GHS's set of tenor guitar strings includes 4 roller-wound bright bronze strings and 2 plain steel strings. From John Pearse, we have 80/20 bronze tenor strings in a set that ranges from .013 to .042 gauges. If you're looking for lighter gauge strings for tenor guitar, consider La Bella. Their plain steel, silver-plated acoustic strings for tenor guitar are wound with ball ends, and are highly recommended by our customers. Note that these are all complete string sets. For individual tenor guitar strings, see our Single Strings section.
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