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Sunbeam bass strings are nickel plated, round wound on a round core in gauge ranges from extra light to medium. Eleven different sets are offered in 4, 5, or 6-strings and in short and long scale. These strings have both warmth and brilliance plus a smooth feel. Their lower tension means less stress on the instrument’s neck. An enhanced magnetic response compared to stainless steel occurs due to the nickel plated winding. “These strings lost their initial zing fairly quickly and settled into sugary smooth, melodic highs, very detailed mids with plenty of punch and growl, and nice tight controlled lows. Overall a well balanced sound that could be tweaked to almost any genre,” states an NLR-40 player. Another says, “…if you play with a lot of dynamics and nuance and you like a warm & colorful midrange, I recommend these very highly (NMR6-30-130).”
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