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Designed and manufactured by Super-Sensitive, a leader in professional and student viola strings for over 80 years, Stellar viola strings were initially manufactured as step-up strings for intermediate players, but have grown in popularity amongst beginners as well. Stellar viola strings feature a solid steel core that provides easy bow response, increasing the playability for student violists. The solid steel core is wound with a chromium alloy which produces a full-bodied, bright tone with excellent projection. Stellar strings are particularly good at balancing warmer sounding instruments. Stellar viola strings are also durable, unaffected by temperature changes and humidity, and the steel core provides excellent tuning stability. The strings are also resistant to dulling, corrosive elements such as dirt, sweat and oil. Budget priced and high-quality, Stellar viola strings are available in a medium gauge and in three sizes to fit Mini (12”), Junior (13”) and Standard (15-16 ½”) scaled violas.
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