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Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Bulk Strings

JustStrings.com Stainless Steel Round Wound .095, Bulk Pack of 6, 095SR
Price: $24.62
Sale: $22.16
Just Strings is one of the few companies that offer an in-house line of bulk, round wound stainless steel bass guitar strings. By buying in bulk, you’ll be saving money while still enjoying the excellent quality of our house brand strings. We package stainless steel bass guitar strings in packs of six, and they are offered in 23 separate gauges ranging from .25 to .135 in .05 increments. We have many customers who swear by our house brand of round wound stainless steel bass strings. If you’re in a band or find yourself frequently performing on the road, having access to low-priced strings can be a lifesaver. And while offering stainless steel strings at a price that a working stiff can afford, our customers never have to worry about faulty strings because the quality of JustStrings’ round wound stainless steel bass guitar strings is, as our customer says, “impeccable.”
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