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Snark Guitar/Bass Tuner and Metronome, SN-3

Snark Guitar/Bass Tuner and Metronome, SN-3
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One of two console tuners made by Snark, the SN-3 is specifically calibrated to chromatically tune guitars and basses. Using an internal microphone or a ¼” input jack (to connect to a vibration sensor), this tuner detects and displays the played note and how close to pitch you are on a bright, full color screen which can easily be seen in low light situations. The audible tuning component is an electronic pitchpipe that plays reference tones C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B on its built in speaker. A “Tap Tempo” visual metronome feature allows you to adjust the tempo in two ways – by tapping a button to the tempo you want or by using an up and down button on the back of the tuner.

The SN-3 uses two AAA batteries (included) that have extended use with this model’s “Power Save” feature. The display dims with five seconds of no sound detection, returns to normal brightness when a note is detected and shuts off when no notes are detected for two minutes. This tuner measures 2”h. x 3 ¼” w. x ½” d.
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