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Snark Tuners

Snark Son of Snark Guitar and BassTuner, S-1
Price: $19.98
Snark Clip-On Guitar/Bass Tuner SN-1
Price: $20.98
Snark Clip-On Ukulele Tuner,  SN-6
Price: $19.58
Snark Pedal Tuner,  SN-10
Price: $52.50
Snark Clip-On All Instrument Chromatic Tuner,  ST-8
Price: $19.99
The ultra-compact, chromatic Snark tuners combine highly sensitive receivers (vibration or sound) with brightly lit screens for easy viewing. The clip on tuners use a vibration note sensor and swivel 360 degrees to easily accommodate discreet placement and both right and left handed players. All have super bright, full color displays that are easy to read in low light environments. The console and studio tuners use an internal microphone or ¼” input jack for note detection. They are all super quick with super tight tuning. Choose from such features as tap tempo metronomes, pitch calibration from A415 to A460Hz, and a transpose feature for flat tuning. Note that specific frequency ranges for each tuner are calibrated either to specific instruments or to all instruments.

Snark’s clip on tuners have their reliable “Stay-Put” clamp which is great for use on most instruments. If you think your instrument may have a finish sensitive to a clip on tuner, choose the SN-10 studio tuner or the SN-3 or SN-4 console tuners.
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