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Snark Metronomes

Get Snark clip-on convenience and handheld functionality with a tuner and metronome combination. The brightly lit Snark SN-1 clip-on is a standard part of most any club’s visual ambiance, allowing guitarists to tune up quickly and always accurately, thanks to a high sensitivity, vibration sensor that’s indifferent to loud rooms. Equipped with a transpose feature for a quick change of keys, these Snarks also include a tap tempo metronome. You basically have a mobile rhythm and tone support system clipped to your guitar. From guitar to mandolin to banjo to viola, the Snark SN-2 clip-on pretty much does the SN-1 routine, but serves most any and all instruments, because of its built-in microphone. The SN-2 does not require contact with the instrument, like the vibration sensitive SN-1 that is built for guitars and basses. Snarks’s newest tuner, Son of Snark, S-1, is a smaller version of the earlier SN-1 tuner for guitar and bass. As with the SN-1, it is full color and super bright, fully chromatic, and actually hides behind the headstock of your guitar or bass. All the best features of the SN-1 but miniaturized. If you prefer compact to clip-on, choose from the Snark Guitar/Bass Tuner and Metronome SN-3 and its all-instrument cousin, the SN-4. Similar to the clip-ons in functionality, these tuner/metronomes present a large full color display and built-in speaker. The SN-4’s extended frequency range allows it to tune all instruments. JustStrings.com carries Snark metronomes at fantastic prices, and complements these little powerhouses with great customer service.
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