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S I T Strings Electric Guitar Strings

“The chime, volume, consistency, and extended wear make these my only strings,” states a pleased S1046 set player. SIT’s electric guitar strings come in seven series – Power Wound (their most popular), Silencers, Power Groove, Power Steel, No Break, Flatwound and Super Hooks. SIT’s state of the art, winding process ensures that their strings “stay in tune.” All are sealed in SIT’s moisture barrier packaging.

The Power Wound series of strings are nickel plated steel wound on a steel hexagon core. Eleven sets are available in gauges from ultra light (.008-.038) to jazz light (.012-.052), plus an eight string set and a Meegs Rascon custom (.020-.070) set. These strings are bright and long lasting. A customer reports, “You won't believe the warm, steely chime … much richer than a pure stainless string.” Their longevity is attested to by players saying, “I have been bending strings on lead guitar for 30 years and broke many other brands. I have never broken an S.I.T. string since I started using them 12 years ago. Oh, they also stay in tune just like they say,” and “…I use a stainless steel pick. It kills other brands - SIT strings last longer!”

Silencer series sets are nickel plated steel made with SIT’s unique “Inverse Winding Process”, which compacts the outer surface of the string without changing the interior qualities of the string. This provides a smoother, almost flat, feel to the string while maintaining the bright sound of a round wound string. Also string noise is greatly reduced. Three sets are available with gauges from extra light to medium light. A very happy player of the SL1150 set says, “These are fantastic semi flat electric guitar strings. They are slick, have great volume, and retain spot on intonation.” Another states of the SL942 set, “Best of all no more blisters on the finger ends with a SILENT string that does not give you that annoying string ZIP (sound)!”

For a mellower, more vintage sound, the Power Groove series is made of pure nickel wound strings on a steel core. Four sets are offered from light to medium gauges. “Very consistent strings pack after pack. Great tone, never brittle or too bright sounding. They last a long time and don't break easily,” says a PN946 set player. Another customer says, “Beautiful chime on the high notes without being harsh in any way and defined tight punchiness on the lows just like I like it.”

The six Power Steel sets consists of strings with a stainless steel wrap over a steel core. These are SIT’s brightest strings. They are available in ultra light to medium gauges.

There are three additional series of SIT strings. Their flatwound strings are ribbon wound and polished to a smooth touch. No Break sets are made for top loading Kahler type vibratos, virtually eliminating breakage for this heavy type use without scratching the vibrato. The last series is the Super Hooks sets which are power wound strings designed for the Floyd Rose tremolo systems by having string ends with a hook instead of ball ends. This system is easier to install and breaks less.

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