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S I T Strings Electric Bass Guitar Strings

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“After three gigs, all over four hours, these strings sound out of the box fresh. The string detail and even sound across the spectrum is amazing – great strings!” Numerous customers attest to SIT’s “Stay In Tune” qualities, on the first use and over time. Eight series of nickel and stainless steel wound bass guitar strings are available from SIT – all with these same outstanding SIT qualities.

The Power Wound sets are nickel plated steel, round wound on a steel hex core, and are SIT’s most popular bass sets. They work well with almost all musical techniques. The thirteen Power Wound sets include 4, 5, 6, 8, and 12 string sets and range in gauges from extra light to medium. All are long scale, except one short scale and one extra long scale set. One player reports of the 12-string set, “They really made my 12 string more playable. Eased the tension a bit and my intonation was better. They also are in tune when I pick up my bass after a few days, it’s a lot of work tuning it and I appreciate them holding their tuning.” Another says of the NR45100L strings, “These are really excellent all-around rock bass strings, especially for the real world working musician. They last a long time, sound great, are not too hard on the fingers and frets, and are very affordable.”

Silencer strings are nickel plated steel over a steel hex core, whose surface has been flattened making them easier on the player’s fingers and the instrument’s frets. This is accomplished with SIT’s exclusive process, “Inverse String Winding”, which compacts the outside of the string without changing its internal structure, allowing a smoother touch while maintaining a bright sound. They work well on fretted and fretless basses. The series includes five sets of 4 and 5-strings in gauges from extra light to medium and all long scale. A NRL45100L player states, “I enjoy flat wound strings, but I was looking for something with a bit more pop to them. I was pleasantly surprised by these. Amazing, responsive feel and sound quality.” Another adds, “And there's another benefit as well, there's much less string noise from the silencers.”

Two, long scale Power Flats sets have semi flat, pure nickel wound strings. Their surface falls between that of half flat and full flat wounds, having a smooth feel while maintaining excellent intonation. Light and medium gauges are available. Both also work well on fretless basses. “… the PURE nickel wrap makes all the difference. Add to that the nearly flat outer wrap for smoothness and playability, and just enough flexibility for better note definition. The perfect bass string for classic bass sound and the crispness for more modern "brighter" bass tone,” reports a PF45100L player.

Power Steels strings are stainless steel wound on a steel hex core. Their sound is brighter with more sustain than nickel wound strings, and are the choice for delivering a powerful rock sound. Six sets of 4, 5 and 12 strings are available in long scale with gauges from extra light to medium. A PSR50105 player reports, “Loud, full, and clanky in the best way stainless steel players want. With the right EQ, I get the perfect balance of brightness and a warm, defined tone. Work very well with effects, sound great fingerstyle or with a pick.”

The Rock Brights series is available in steel or nickel wound strings and have an exceptional brilliance, volume and sustain resulting from SIT’s exclusive fusion wound winding technology. Electricity is used to bind the winding more tightly to the core producing a more coherently vibrating and thus extra bright string. Five nickel wound sets and five steel wound sets are available, both in 4 and 5-string in long scale and in gauges from extra light to medium.

SIT’s Taperwound strings are nickel plated steel just like their Power Wound strings, but with a narrowed winding at the saddle of the fourth string in the 4-string set and on both the fourth and fifth string in the 5-string set. “They are very balanced and smooth to the touch,” states a customer playing the TNR545125L set.

The Power Core strings are made similar to the Taperwound sets but with even less diameter where the string meets the saddle. The winding is recessed so that the string core actually rests on the saddle on all of the set’s strings. A thin surface covering protects the hex core from damaging the bridge. These two sets, 4-string and 5-string, are long scale and in medium light and light gauges.

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