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S I T Strings Classical Guitar Strings

SIT strings live by their motto "Stay in Tune." They combine the art of fine string making with technological advancements in the industry to produce exceptional products that satisfy the most discerning players. Since 1980, they have been manufacturing their strings from their factory in Akron, Ohio.

Their strings are endorsed by many professional performers across different genres, from blues rock band The Black Keys to singer-songwriter Ken Tizzard.

We offer two lines of SIT Strings classical guitar strings that produce a clear, vibrant sound. They are also long-lasting, making them a great value. The SIT classical guitar Classits are available in medium or high tension. They are made with high-precision, clear treble strings, and the bass strings are silver plated copper wound on a silk core. You can purchase these either with tie ends or ball ends.

The SIT Classits Elite strings are their top-of-the-line strings for professional, classical musicians. They feature superior precision, clear trebles and silver plated copper wound on a silk core bass strings. These strings have tie ends, and are available in either medium or high tension. The tension of string you choose is ultimately a matter of preference. However, some players recommend higher tension strings for flamenco guitar, and for picado or alzapua picking techniques. Higher tension strings may cause additional wear to the guitar's bridge and neck. Lower tension is generally used for a softer, mellower sound. They are also recommended for effective vibratos. With the Classits Elites, customers have reported "warm, full and articulate" sound, and say that these strings are quick to tune and stay in tune longer than other brands of classical strings.

For both models, the medium tension set has string gauges that range from .30-.40, while the high tension set has gauges from .30-.44.

Whatever your personal preference may be, these strings will give you a crystal clear sound in recording situations or during performances in large or small halls.
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