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S I T Strings Acoustic Guitar Strings

“Excellent response, reduced string noise and very good action on these strings,” reports a pleased customer of SIT’s GL1048 strings, which are a part of their Silencer series. Three additional series of acoustic strings are offered by SIT – Golden Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, and Royal Bronze.

The four Golden Bronze sets have 80/20 bronze wound strings in extra light to medium gauges. These wound strings are designed for a bright, clear sound right from the beginning of use. “I have tried many strings, some of the best supposedly, but never have I used a string that stays in tune better or lasts longer,” reports a GB-1252 set player.

The Phosphor Bronze series includes four sets in gauges from extra light to medium, plus a Nashville High Tuning set. The 92/8 phosphor bronze wire is wound over a hard tempered hex core and is SIT’s most popular acoustic string. Their rich tones last a long time. “I have been using SIT strings exclusively since they came out in the early 70's. I am always pleased by the fact that they stay in tune, but they also last much longer than any other brand,” reports a satisfied customer of SIT’s P1254 set.

SIT’s premium acoustic strings are called Royal Bronze. Four sets, from extra light to medium, are phosphor bronze wound over a Swedish steel hex core. Then SIT’s exclusive “fusion wound” technology is applied to the winding using electricity to further adhere the winding to the core. “I have never had a set of strings in 40 years of playing guitars that are as crisp, easy to play and last as long as SIT strings. I am spoiled and sold for life,” reports a happy GL1048 set player. Another says, “I find these strings to retain their brightness for a fairly long time and the "stay in tune" factor is great. They also respond great to being amplified.”

Four sets of SIT’s well known Silencer series are produced with the "Inverse String Winding" process that compresses the outside of the wound strings without changing the core size or shape. This exclusive design leaves the string with a smooth feel that greatly lowers string noise while retaining a large round wound sound.
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